Johnson Tiles is home to an incredible selection of tiles that are crafted to reflect style and to suit your needs. Our collection features different finishes that can enable you to clad your home with your own distinctive style.

Listed below are some of the popular finishes and their applications.


Glazed finish:

A glaze is a glass layer that is often added to ceramic and porcelain tiles. Glazed tiles offer a number of benefits and are available in matte, glossy and textured finish. Apart from the aesthetic advantage, they are easy to clean. The glaze layer makes them non-absorbent in nature.


Glossy finish:

Such tiles have a shiny surface coating and they make the ideal option for walls and floors. Glossy tiles have a reflective surface and can brighten up a space. They can be used for the kitchen or bathroom walls and backsplashes. They are easy to clean and can impart a modern look to your space.


Matte finish:

Matte finish tiles have a granular and hard surface with a non-reflective matte finish. They help to create a rustic or traditional look. They can be used as bathroom floor tiles and even in the living area. Moreover, since these tiles are slip-resistant, they can be used in outdoor areas too.


Textured finish:

They are ideal for offering a good grip and are slip-resistant. This makes the tile suitable for wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen.


Unglazed finish:

Tiles are created from clay that is fired in a kiln. The layer of glaze is applied before the tile is fired. However, unglazed tiles have a natural and earthy appearance as they are devoid of the glaze layer. Their colour is determined by the mineral deposits in the clay. Since unglazed tiles do not have a protective coating, they have the tendency to absorb liquid and can be stained. Unglazed matte porcelain tiles make the perfect option for commercial spaces with high footfall.



This includes tiles that are glazed or unglazed, with the surface polished in a satin finish. An important benefit offered by these tiles is that they are scratch resistant.



This is a form of tile that has been polished but not deep enough to attain the lustre of a full reflective polish. The surface finish has an uneven nature. They can be used for the kitchen and bathroom walls.


Polished finish:

The surface finish of a glazed or unglazed tile that has had its surface polished to achieve a high, uniform lustre. Available in a range of options, they offer a luxurious feel.

With the broad array of impressive finishes available, you have wide options to choose from. Browse through our range to discover an amazing selection of tiles.