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Johnson Tiles Bayswater

Johnson Tiles is home to a broad selection of exquisitely crafted tiles, designed to appeal even to the most discerning customer. Innovative and inspirational, our range is perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

What sets us apart is our wealth of industry experience that enables us to manufacture the finest quality tiles. By skillfully integrating our traditional expertise with modern technology, we have succeeded in offering a stunning range that is second to none. We strive for excellence with our superior quality tiles that are created to offer exceptional performance.


A fabulous collection of modern tiles:

It is our endeavour to craft new products and provide you an exciting range that is in level with the ever-changing design trends. Our collection features modern styles that enable you to adorn your space with admirable splendour. We constantly strive to draw inspiration from the latest trends to create tiles that reflect unique style and elegance.

Our Heritage:

Johnson Tiles is a tile specialist with a long and proud history garnering over 50 years’ worth of experience in Australia. We offer a diverse range of tiling products spanning residential and commercial buildings with the ability to provide a highly customised product experience entirely fit for purpose.

Leveraging our lineage from master English craftsmen and incorporating modern influences, our products are unparalleled and the quality of our products are the cream of the crop, so much so that we boast a 10 Year Guarantee on every Johnson Tiles product.

We emphasize on quality and precision and have emerged as the leading provider of tiles in Australia. We keep ahead of the latest designs trends and provide a consultative shopping journey from start to finish, at competitive prices. Our point of difference is our state-of-the-art production facilities that provide us world-class manufacturing capabilities. With five showrooms and six distribution centres across Australia and New Zealand, Johnson Tiles bring a vast distribution network with a truly national footprint.

We at Johnson Tiles believe in expressing ourselves and we want our customers to feel the same way about their home through our tiles. Express your style with Johnson Tiles.

State-of-the-art tile production:

Johnson Tiles is a leading supplier specialising in design and manufacturing. Our strength is in our operations, with quality and reliability being the cornerstones of our brand and as such, we operate and maintain our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China.

Incorporating modern know-how, Johnson Tiles is confident that we will continue to excite the imagination with innovative and stylish tile solutions, to cater for the most intricate tastes and design requirements.

Our tiles are distinctly different to cater to your creative flair. With the wide choices available, you are sure to find a tile that seamlessly merges with your space or enables you to create a new and inspiring theme. With our customized solutions, you can make your dream design a reality.

Our experienced team works in close collaboration with our clients to deliver solutions that exceed expectations. We have a well-organized process in place and offer a spectrum of services from concept to completion.

With their experience and in-depth research, our team constantly strives to discover new ideas. The design team then swings into action to analyze every aspect of the concept including the cost involved. This is followed by production in our highly-advanced manufacturing unit using cutting-edge technology. The outcome is a breathtakingly beautiful tile to embellish your space.