Upsizing Tiles (Larger format tiles)

  • “Larger format tiles” typically refer to any tile larger than 400x400mm but more commonly refers to the following tile sizes: 500x500mm, 300x600mm and 600x600mm.
  • Larger format tiles have traditionally been used in big open spaces, such as hotel lobbies and public spaces, but have recently started making a big splash in domestic applications.
  • Larger format tiles can assist in creating the illusion of more space in a room. The main reason is to do with grout lines as fewer grout lines can make an area seem less busy and more open. Smaller format tiles, with more grout lines, can make a space appear cluttered.
  • Creates a more ‘continuous’ flow and offers more sleek and modern feel.
  • More product availability.
    1. As the market has moved towards accepting and encouraging larger format tiles, the ranges available in larger format are enormous.
    2. Johnson Tiles currently have over 300 larger format stock lines.
  • One added advantage is that there is less grout to have to maintain/clean.
  • Points to consider:
    1. Using larger format tiles in too small a space can have the reverse effect and can visually shrink a room.
    2. General rule of thumb is to be able to lay a minimum of 3 full tiles in each direction.


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