Transform your living space with these latest tile colours and trends

The living room is the heart of a home. We spend most of our time in these cosy places, marvelling what to watch on TV and entertaining friends and family. So, why not embellish your living space with a touch of goodness and make yourself comfortable with an array of options to suit your lifestyle.

If you are looking for simple yet creative ideas to spruce up the look of your living area, colour schemes will do the trick. Johnson Tiles encompasses a wide-ranging palette of colours, with nearly every hue on the colour wheel from bright primary colours to multiple lighter shades.

To achieve a comfortable and inviting space, choosing the right colour can make all the difference, and make your living spaces have a pop-effect. Colours play an important role in any living spaces, adding to the mood of your room and providing flair to your designs. Colours that are widely preferred for the living room include beige, grey, amber and brown. We have a plethora of gentle and mild coloured tiles that are neutral yet sophisticated, adding to the overall look of your living area that extra bit.

An easy way to add a pop of colour and transform your home into a vivacious abode is by choosing the right tiles. The possibilities to create a charming and timeless look with tiles is endless. Our popular choices include Spectrum and Nordik Stone, both of which are versatile in porcelain stoneware where you can pick a shade in line with the latest trends or a particular pattern that matches with your current decor set-up of your home.

When choosing a tile colour, it is also essential to ensure that it perfectly complements the rest of your living space. Colour coordinating with various features of your room can bring your living space to life and achieve a seamless specification that compliments an architecturally refined appearance to your home.

The Colour Wheel: Take your pick

What are the best tile colours to elevate my space?

The secret to picking the right tile colour lies in the colour wheel. The colour wheel includes a mixture of primary, secondary and tertiary colours, grouped in a manner that makes it easy to determine the shades that will best match, complement and contrast. Based on your preference and the look that you wish to achieve, you can choose from the following schemes:

Tonal Scheme:

A tonal scheme consists of one colour along with its various shades. One of crucial elements of tile designs is what tones go together. If you choose to go for purple, you can use shades of violet, lavender and lilac.

johnson tiles

Harmonious Scheme:

Colours positioned next to each other in the colour wheel complement each other and make a great option. Oranges and yellows can be used together to create a bright colour scheme.

Contrast Scheme:

The colours purple and yellow lie across from each other in the colour wheel. They positively contrast with each other and can impart a sophisticated look. If you wish to opt for the contrast scheme, you can go for colours like purple and green or blue and orange.

Using the Colour Wheel to Choose Tiles:

You will firstly need to consider the overall look, size and role of your space. Your existing décor may include objects with interesting colours that you would like to use. For example, a painting with a hint of orange or royal blue. You can make use of tiles with these shades for an eccentric effect.

Next, decide on a colour scheme and the ambience that you would like to create. With each scheme, there are endless ways you can weave your designs. With the tonal scheme, you can either add a bright look or adopt a subtle shade for a neutral atmosphere and gentle tone.

The Rule of Three:

The rule of three is all about choosing a set of three shades each having a different effect on your designs. You can choose a neutral, rich and accent shade to spice up your setting as it either adds warmer or cooler tones. The tile with the lightest shade can be spread on 70% of the surface while the boldest should only be around 10%.

Balancing Colours:

If you are eager to experiment with tiles of bolder shades, make sure to use neutrals to balance the overall look. A bold pink can be beautifully balanced with shades like a pastel green.

Connect your living area with the rest of your home:

Consistency is the key here and the look of your living space needs to connect with your home. This does not imply that you need to choose similar shades. There are gorgeous options to explore. However, using tiles with neutral shades can simplify this for you as they fit perfectly with any combination. Careful planning of the overall colour scheme can help you achieve the look you want.

Tiles for the Modern Home:

Gone are the days when your options for tile colours were limited. Today, all sorts of modern shapes and sizes are available in a staggering range of colours and finishes, offering endless design possibilities. While the neutral colour palette is preferred for its inviting and calming feel, you can even create feature walls with tiles for a distinctive look. Tiles add depth and texture to a wall and can be used to enhance the overall look of your room.

At Johnson Tiles, we have a fabulous range crafted to elevate the appeal of your space. Our collection for the living room features breathtakingly beautiful tiles in various shades and textures. You can create feature walls with the Modello tiles or choose shades like charcoal, coffee or grey from the Neutral tiles collection. Available in three shades of grey, the Graniti tiles makes a wonderful option for a tonal scheme. If you are looking for simple white tiles in satin or gloss finish, the Decori is sure to add an effortlessly elegant look. With our assortment of tiles in rich tones and impressive finishes, you are sure to find colours that blend well together and beautify your living area. To learn more about our tiles and colours, contact our friendly Johnson Tiles team.