Top Indoor and Outdoor Glazed Porcelain Tile Concepts of 2017

The New Year ushers in a refreshed set of trends for outdoor and indoor glazed porcelain tile applications, in both residential and commercial spaces. With trusted experience and expertise for over 50 years, Johnson Tiles continues to be the one-stop shop for the finest selection of tiles to bring contemporary design projects to life.

New Year, New Trends

Going natural is the movement to look forward to this 2017. Industries from across the globe are hopping on the bandwagon for environmental protection, making the switch from conventional building methods to more sustainable options. In the Australian tile sector, going natural is even taken in the visual sense. Wood looks, masonry interpretations, textiles, stone, and other nature-inspired designs are predicted to be big outdoor and indoor glazed porcelain tile concepts for a variety of projects.

Indoor and Outdoor Glazed Porcelain Tile Concepts with Johnson Tiles

Johnson Tiles is Australia’s premier supplier of high-quality porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor use. Johnson Tiles has made their way to international markets by their commitment to three key strengths: quality, safety, and beauty.

Johnson Tiles settles for no less than premium raw materials, such as high-grade china clays and pure grade silica, in the manufacturing process of porcelain tiles. At a high firing temperature of approximately 1200°C, the particles fuse together to produce glasslike porcelain tiles. Glazed porcelain tiles are on the popular end of variants from Johnson Tiles. The white or pale burning clay body is low in porosity and water absorption at less than 0.5%, yet high in structural strength, and resistance to chemicals and abrasions. Glazed porcelain tiles also exhibit far less discolouration to maintain exceptional aesthetic value.

Listed below are some of the top picks from the glazed porcelain tile catalogue from Johnson Tiles:

1. Cemento – Suitable for flooring, Cemento is a glazed porcelain tile that comes in the neutral colours of grey, taupe, white, grey, charcoal and cement. Specifiers have options between lappato and matt for the surface finish of the glazed porcelain tile. Cemento is a popular choice for bathroom projects and is available in the size of 600 x 300mm, with a thickness of 8.5mm.

2. Travertine – Travertine is a glazed porcelain tile that comes in the colours beige and bone (cream) in lappato or matt finish. The light palette makes Travertine ideal for application in clean, bright spaces. Available in 600 x 300mm, with a tile thickness of 8.5mm.

3. Grace – With a lappato finish, Grace fits perfectly to your space with muted tones. Colours include ivory, charcoal, bone, and sand (beige). The elegant glazed porcelain tile is 9.5mm thick in the size of 500 x 500mm.