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In this guide, we will explore what we believe are the top 7 interior tile trends and latest design insights in 2019 and then show you how to add these fashionable trends to your own spaces.

As 2019 well and truly shaping up, we’ve witnessed some of the exciting design phases unfold before our eyes in the world of architecture and interior design. This year has seen some of the biggest Australian bathroom trends including throwing out pretty colourful features in comparison to pastel hues and earthly tones from recent years—think Spectrum—renowned for its all-encompassing brilliance comprised of a contemporary realism with its 29 set of colours to select from. While we see colours blossom, 2019 pushes the envelope for those die-hard elegant fans, to invite a visual and sensory texture combo as queen of the interior showdown, we can confirm your love affair for marble and terrazzo will surface against those matt finishes and elegant curtains.


One of the best ways to discover ideas for your spaces is to follow our latest recommended bathroom trends to see what’s currently buzzing as well as what’s popular in the world of bathroom design and hot tips for giving those kitchen and entertainment areas a new lease on life. In our recent product showcase email, we focused our attention on our ceramic series Carrara Statuari and Marble, a craze for marble is the chocolate snack of the interior design world—what’s not to love? Marble brims on its ambient sophistication to allow for smoother finishes and thicker grout lines which gives off that premium feel. Its high gloss marble feature raises the luxury to all internal spaces creating a sense of opulence. 2020 looks like it’ll be bigger as well as also throwing out some new bathroom trends that none of us saw coming. Want to read more about our products? Sign up to our Mailing List here for all the latest updates and Johnson Tiles news.

Now. Let’s talk tiles. Tiles can completely transform the look of a space with its elegance and visual impact. Highly practical and requiring little maintenance, the use of tiles for walls and floors continues to be a popular practice. With the right selection of tiles, it is possible to give your home the perfect makeover and create a lasting impact. If you are planning to give your home a new look, exploring the latest trends will help you discover innovative ideas for your next project.

With the abundance in tile trends, the possibility to experiment with innovative styles is indeed exciting. Whether your preference is for minimalist, vintage or contemporary, there are amazing options to explore. At Johnson Tiles, we are always in the process of upgrading our collection to bring you the latest tile trends—unpacking Scandinavian and industrial modernism themes have taken the tiling trends to the next level, giving spaces the simplicity it deserves with a touch of style. Our collection of tiles features patterns, shapes, and colours that are sought-after not just in the tile sector but also appreciated by expert interior designers all over the world.

Tiles Inspired by Nature

Replicating natural materials continues to be the desired option and enriches a space with distinctiveness like none other. With the advancement in technology, it is now possible to seamlessly create the likes of stone, wood and marble, giving designers fabulous options to adorn spaces. Our Carrara tile with its grey and white palette along with gold vein detailing is the perfect example of tiles drawing inspiration from natural elements. Tiles with natural wood effects are also highly preferred for modern homes. The surface finish varies from glossy to distressed and weathered, giving spaces a truly artistic look. Terrazzo continues to dominate and is widely used for flooring and even for surfaces. The tiles exude a playful theme with various colour and scales to add an exciting and fun look.

Black is Back

Vintage Tiles

Black has certainly made a strong entry in 2019. Dark interiors have quickly come to fruition, a prominent bathroom design trend against the centre of attention of rose gold accents and homewares which has come from nowhere in 2018. With the average size of a bathroom being a little on the smaller side, dark colours in the bathroom are generally uncommon as they can make a small bathroom appear even smaller, but with the right textures and finishes from Johnson Tiles, you can really make a room pop particularly when selecting grout colours. The dark interiors bathroom trend has given the tiling fashion a new fashion statement, and has enabled an innovative attitude to the way people view living standards. The way people have been using dark colours in the bathroom is by using darker shades in small amounts. A dark blue, grey or even dark red feature wall is a great way to nail this popular bathroom colour trend. Try our Vintage or Bevelled Edge black ranges to give you an idea of the styles we have.

Gone are the gloomy grey days

Arguably the biggest trend to hit bathroom design in the past decade, grey bathroom trends of 2019 are taking the tiling trends by storm every year—try our Urban Cement, Cemento and Cementum ranges! One of the reasons why this is such a big hit is because grey bathrooms offer a unique softness with understated feeling associated with them. The Grey colour scheme can work in both traditional and contemporary settings due to it’s a neutral and balanced colour, and rooms will continue keep their shape despite the inevitable upcoming trends to come. Some fancy yet simple ways to spruce up your spaces on the colour palette is by adding grey tiles, subtle bathroom furniture or even a grey freestanding bath with rose gold or matt black assents.

Textured Surfaces

In the world of tiles, the use of textures continues to be the fundamental element to take the allure to a new level of excellence. Tiles with an organic pattern like Milan, Cevisama and Cersaie can have a mix of matt and gloss finish. The crackle or raku effect can be used to give tiles tactility to enhance its overall look and feel.

The structure of the tile also makes a huge difference and can be used to evoke a sense of movement. Inspiration for such tiles is drawn from architectural structures and geometrics. There is also a rise in the use of curved and ribbed surfaces with matt finish gaining popularity.


Patterned tiles are back in trend but with a modern twist. The use of geometrics is still om the rise with hexagons, triangles and diamonds used extensively. These super-stylish tile designs have been such a big hit in the last few years and this year has been no exception. Patchwork is also a popular option with many possibilities with the use of muted, bolder or metallic shades. The latest trend has also seen a shift towards the use of unusual shapes. By making use of teardrops, scalloped fish scales and more, interior designers are making impressive design statements. The popularity and demand of patterned tiles means that nowadays there are an abundance of designs on the market so you’re sure to find a design that fits in within your theme. Create a statement with our huge range of patterned tiles or plain tiles and then delicately add a feature ‘statement’ to your bathroom or kitchen floors—this will break it up nicely.


This trend is characterized by the use of impactful colours, large patterns and the use of clashing textures. There is the use of colours like yellow, orange, reds to give an instant lift to any space. This year has also seen the floral pattern taking a step back. Combined with intricate detailing there has been the use of tropical plants with bold prints.


This trend focuses on well-being and is the preferred option for creating calm spaces. This trend is especially popular in the workplace and makes use of natural materials like stone and wood to draw a sense of closeness to nature.

Be it the kitchen, bathroom, living space or entryway, tiles can be used in any space to add a sense of interest. As a homeowner, you may also wonder if you should opt for porcelain or ceramic tiles. Wondering which one makes a practical and durable option? Read on to know the differences.

Ceramic Vs Porcelain Tiles

Even though both the tiles look similar, there exist some noticeable differences between the two. Porcelain tiles are denser and less porous as compared to ceramic tiles. This implies that porcelain tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas and are hard-wearing. Due to the manufacturing technique used, porcelain tiles make the perfect option for spaces that endure heavy traffic like the kitchen and hallway. This tile is also resistant to scratching and chipping.

Ceramic tiles are very versatile and can be used for different types of spaces without worrying about stains. The tile is easy to maintain as dirt and stains can be simply mopped away. The tile is also highly resistant to dust and allergens. This can ensure that the air is free from allergens.

Explore the Collection at Johnson Tiles

At Johnson Tiles, we aim to bring you a collection that offers the perfect mix of aesthetics and style. Our tiles are created to stand the test of time and add a truly unique look to your home. Whether you want to mix and match or looking for tiles with unusual patterns, we have your needs covered. From tiles in exciting patterns to those with a sophisticated luxurious finish, our collection is sure to impress even the most discerning client.

We stock tiles that capture the current moods and give your subtle ways to glam up the look of your home. Tiles are indeed the simplest yet the most powerful design tool to elevate the appeal of your home. Explore the collection at Johnson Tiles to discover stunning options for your home.