Terrazzo Trends

  • Natural Stone: The Marble trend has taken the world by storm
  • Following the likes of Marble, Terrazzo is ready for its comeback & is on the rise.
  • Like Marble, it is also a natural stone material
  • History: Leftover remainders of marble mixed with concrete to create a mosaic-like arrangement. Easy, low cost, cost efficient flooring used in Italian/Venetian homes.
  • Why Terrazzo surpassing the Marble trend?
  • From easy-affordable home floor solution to stylish-appealing new trend,
  • Terrazzo’s random mosaic pattern goes hand in hand with the “Digitally printed patterned tile” trend, giving it the edge over Marble.
  • With darker interiors on the rise, Terrazzo’s natural stone hues complement these darker shades.
  • Terrazzo makes a comeback? How? What’s different?
  • Architects and builders have taken the very idea that Terrazzo is based on; random mosaic arrangements, and added a modern spin to it by deliberately putting together different sizes and even incorporating colours into the arrangement.
  • Marble paved the way and opened the doors for other stone materials like Terrazzo. Marble is still current and not going away anytime soon but it’s nice to see a change now with more and more stone materials making a comeback.

JT Tiles: Terrazzo Stone (not much else), Marble tiles: Camelia Gris, Carrara Statuari, Cleopatra.