Marble Flooring: An Insight to Traditional Tiling Designs

Bold. Elegant. Majestic. There’s no better combination in the world. Marble tiles not only elevate the appearance of spaces, they also available in multicolour mixes and featuring a stunning veining texture that roots to a timeless beauty for a variety of decorative schemes. So you can why marble there is a resurgence. Looking for an elegant and timeless flooring option? Let nature take its course, guiding you with the most conventional forms of tiling and classical designs.

Marble has emerged to be a popular choice and is a highly sought-after flooring option. With its natural and earthy look, marble exudes an unmatched luxury and can enrich any room with an admirable finish. Available in various colours and finishes, marble indeed is a prized flooring option.

If you are embarking on a new project or are renovating your space and looking for a something that is durable yet oozes sophistication, marble is the perfect choice for you. Read on to discover the features that have made marble create a stir in the world of flooring.

What is Marble?

Marble is a type of limestone or dolomite which under intense pressure and heat transforms to a new form in a process known as metamorphism. This process results in the carbonate to re-crystallize into different forms. The sediments in the original rock are also modified giving marble its unique look with grains and markings. There are also veins created and range in colour from pink, grey, brown and black. Marble can subconsciously make our minds gravitate towards the luxurious feeling and reminiscent from ancient times.

Benefits of Marble Flooring:

Marble FlooringMarble works well in any space and the assortment of options available gives you the freedom to choose a piece that seamlessly merges with your home. There are different sizes available and even preassembled mosaic sheets for those niched in arts and crafts projects. Versatile and breathtakingly beautiful, marble offers a unique look unlike other types of stones. The non-uniformed appearance of marble makes it highly valued and enables you to add a stunning look to your home.

Elegant style: A significant advantage of marble floor tile is that it can instantly highlight the elegance of a space, giving it a regal bearing that is hard to imitate in natural form. Marble is available in a wide-range of colours, and even in stunning multicolour mixes and patterns, delivering unique and ranging types of styles to suit your decorative schemes. For those freelancers and mosaicists, tiles can also be cut and organised to any shape required such as rectangles, and triangles of varying sizes, in order to create complex mosaic installations.

Adaptable to radiant heat systems: Since winter hangs over like a gloomy cloud, Marble is there to save the day. Marble flooring tiles are a great conductor of heat, creating an absorbing affect to store heat to a variety of below-surface radiant heating systems. There are many perks of adaptable marble tiles, including how radiant heating can illuminating coldness underfoot. Marble carries the aesthetics of warmth and a rush of cosy comfort to your spaces that is both unanticipated and charming, particularly on cold winter mornings.

Apart from aesthetics, marble is known for its durability. Perfect for high-traffic areas of your home, marble flooring has the ability to withstand any challenge that you put it up against. Moreover, marble flooring is easy to clean and maintain. You need not worry about stains as marble flooring resists moisture and is easy to clean. With its luminous look, marble flooring makes any space appear brighter and inviting. By adding it to your home, you can easily elevate the value and function of your home.

Types of Marble

Polished Marble:

Polished Marble

Marble has the capacity to take a very high polish. This makes it possible to give marble a finished look that perfectly glistens in the light and is absolutely smooth to touch. In lighter coloured marble, this illuminating property is even more evident with the light of the room penetrating into the stone.

Honed Marble:

Tumbled Marble

Honing involves grinding down a piece of marble until it appears flat and smooth. However, such pieces are not polished and hence, not slippery. With honed marble, you get the advantage of imparting your space with the natural look of marble while ensuring that there are no slip hazards. However, in honed marble, the hues are faded and not as vibrant as polished marble.

Tumbled Marble:

Tumbled MarbleThe process of tumbling involves placing broken and chipped tiles into a machine and tumbling them for a period of time. The tiles have a stripped surface with rounded edges. Such marbles have a rustic and natural look with each piece being unique. This gives you the opportunity to add an attractively random and different look to any space.

Marble Tile Sizes:

Even though marble is available in the slab form, it is rarely used as a flooring option. Not only is it expensive but any damage during the process of installation would mean a costly replacement. It is therefore, a better option to go for marble tiles. Based on the precise needs of your space, you can cut marble tiles into any size.

While there are size options available, the bigger the tiles the better. With bigger tiles, there are fewer grout lines which means that you will not have to worry much about the stain and water damage.

The Colour Options Available:

Marble tiles are available in many different colours. Moreover, the exact look of each tile is different. This results from the unique shades that result from the chemicals present in the marble. In terms of colour, there are two different types of marble groups:



Solid marble tiles have a single colour like red and white. Multi-coloured tiles have various colours and can be laid differently.

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To ensure that you get the best outcome, it is essential to consider certain factors. When installing a marble floor, make sure to check the slip resistance which is measured by the coefficient of friction (COF). A less slippery floor will have a higher COF. For marble floors, the COF is determined by the type of finish that the marble has. Polished marble has a low COF especially when it is wet. This makes it a potential slip hazard in wet areas of your home. Honed and tumbled marble have a higher COF and make the ideal choice for wet areas.

Marble is an all-natural material and known for its opulent look. The fact that each piece is unique makes it a highly valued flooring material. With marble, you can add texture and lift off the look of any space. In case you are planning to choose marble as a flooring option, make sure to explore the collection at Johnson Tiles.

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