How to create your own elegant bathroom on a budget

Sometimes even the most simplest forms of tile designs can be cost-defective. Imagine for a moment if you could disregard this altogether, and design a state-of-the-art fabulous bathroom space at a small cost and all within your wildest dreams?

Picture this. You walk into someone’s bathroom and the first thing you notice is how well-dressed the tiles are, complimenting an inviting lavish style. However, with a realistic eye on the budget, you’re instantly reminded by a class that’s out of your league. The hidden gem amidst all this beauty is the treasured secrets of bypassing heavy costs with alternatives that will give your bathroom that hint of elegance. So why not fake it ‘till you make it’ with our how-to guide, where high-end fittings to your bathroom are now possible at an affordable price.

Does this mean that your remodelling has to be simple and drab? Well, not really. With a few smart tricks and choices, you can design a glamorous bathroom, without having to pay a hefty price.

Choose your colours wisely

Choose your colours wisely

When it comes to designing a high-end dreamscape, colour is your best friend. A sophisticated colour scheme is the key and can help you transform even the most casual space into a luxurious atmosphere. Little simplicities such as utilizing a single colour creatively can make all the difference in your craft. For example, you can draw inspiration from single colour hotel bathrooms that you have visited or quirky layouts in up-beat contemporary restaurants. Using white is a great choice and adds a touch of elegance to your space, making it the most simplest way to revive a space without the hardship of overindulging in accessories and burdening tug-a-war between colour schemes. Complementing it with white linens, accessories, rugs and towels will help to create a plush and modern look. Using colours like grey can also help bring out a dazzling contrast in tile design and flows well with other colours.

Add a polished look with tiles:

An effective way to give your bathroom a designer makeover is by thinking outside the box. A unique look will do the trick and can make your bathroom stand out with a bit of shine. Instead of tiling the entire bathroom, you can consider using tiles on just one or two of the walls giving your bathroom its own character with the probability of a splashback or feature wall. If you plan to use tiles on a larger area, you can opt for high-quality budget tiles which are practical and easy to maintain over time. Ceramic and porcelain tiles make a great option because they are durable and require very little upkeep in the long run. White ceramic tiles are an affordable feature and you can enhance the overall look with our many different dark or coloured grout options. For a powerful singular statement, you can use the same tile across the floor and wall for that subtle touch.

Add a vibrant colour to complete the look:

vibrant colour

If you have chosen a single dominant colour for the bathroom, adding a vibrant colour on the cabinets and shelves will elevate the aesthetics to a whole new level. With a bit of improvisation, you can brighten up the look of your bathroom by a dash of colour to any particular items or décor to really bring out the inexpensive lush design.

Upgrade the look with knobs and pulls:

knobs and pulls

With simple yet unique looking hardware, you can immensely elevate the look of your bathroom. You just need to explore a few speciality stores to pick the right hardware.

Glam up the look of your bathroom with gorgeous lighting:

bathroom with gorgeous lighting

Lighting plays an important aspect to design especially when it can completely alter the look and feel of a bathroom to transform it into a high-end showpiece. You can use different sources to add lights of differing levels, either dimmed or bright depending on the setting to offer an elegant finish from a speck of subtlety. Always keep in mind that lighting has a different effect and not one style will guarantee the same results as it is prone to bounce off furniture, walls and your type of tile design.

Add a finishing touch with bathroom accessories:

bathroom accessories

A cost-effective way to infuse glamour to your bathroom is by using distinctive accessories, without having to go overboard and burning a hole in your pocket. Being creative with a few products can unlock the look you’ve been dreaming of with only a few considerations. You can easily spruce up your design layout by grouping candles, manipulating towels to form an artwork, and creatively displaying bathroom products to flow with your overall design.

Try our Johnson Tiles goodies

Johnson Tiles goodies

Give your bathroom a taste of our Johnson Tiles range. There are several options that will cater to your project, including one of our more popular Spectrum ranges. With a splash of colour, you’ll be on the pursuit of tile happiness. Spectrum will light up your bathroom’s mood with a generous 29 customised colours, featuring 3 different size options that will boast a timeless classic look.

Venture into the world of decor

Venture into the world of decor

Choosing the right finish for your plumbing fittings makes a difference not only in terms of aesthetics but also helps with the maintenance aspect. There are several other options to choose from including nickel, brass, bronze or even matt black which is popular contemporary pick. Chrome is less expensive, easy to maintain – another popular choice of finish to suit your taste and budget and makes the perfect addition to both traditional and modern bathrooms.

Upgrade the shower for a heightened sense of luxury:

Upgrade the shower

If you are remodelling your bathroom, changing the entire shower can be expensive. Instead, try by replacing the shower head with a more stylish version to go with your preferred design and you’ll see just how all the little details amount to a modern-day extravaganza.

Create high-end custom bathroom with DIY painted furniture:

high-end custom bathroom

An easy way to customize your bathroom is by adding a coat of paint to bring to life your dresser or chest into a vanity. A unique shelving unit is functional and creates a stylish look for your bathroom that works a treat. For your vanity DIY project, you can use a colour that can be repeated in the bathroom with your accessories and linen. A rich grey or white can give your space a neutral and expensive look without the need for sparkling chandeliers or rich pieces of accessories.

Integrated Storage:

You can also make use of integrated storage like a vanity unit. They help you cut back on clutter and save space and cost lesser than buying a separate storage unit and basin. Such units also help to maintain a clutter-free look, giving your bathroom a lavish appearance.

Planning a budget-friendly renovation:

Planning is the foundation for making your remodelling plan a success. To begin with, you need to have a clear understanding of the scale of renovation that you wish to undertake. In reality, you don’t really need a professional for every task in your remodelling plan. If you are confident, you can save by taking up a few simple ones yourself. You can update the hardware in the bathroom like the shower head, pulls and knobs in the drawer or replace a faucet – it all comes down to what looks good on the eye. An instant ‘wow’ factor can be created by cleaning or painting dirty and dull looking fittings. This makes a fun weekend project while adding a refreshing look to your bathroom.

With the right planning, you can enhance the visual beauty and functionality of your bathroom without spending too much. When designing a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, the tiles that you choose for the walls and floors play an important role in complementing the overall décor. If you are looking for stunning tiles to add to your bathrooms’ luxurious look, Johnson Tiles has a broad range in store for you.

Johnson Tiles offers a sophisticated selection of tiles to help you envisage your dream bathroom at an affordable budget. Our fantastic range of tiles seamlessly merge with various themes and can be used to remodel a bathroom with a touch of glamour. If you wish to know more, feel free to reach out to our friendly team of tile experts, fit for you.