Give your Bathroom an Aesthetic Wow-Factor

If you’re planning to give your bathroom a DIY makeover, Johnson Tiles is your best friend when it comes to flush look.

In this blog we’ll delve into the high-demand top trends in 2019 for designing bathrooms including décor essentials and explore the many ranges available at Johnson Tiles to give you the inspiration you need to make your decision.

Tiling any surface of the bathroom entices a powerful statement, whether you’re going for a particular theme, mood or scheme in mind which complements the style of the room. Getting this right is imminent, especially when your plan of attack comes down to what tile you choose—never rush the decision making stages as well all know that not everyone adores change: decisions, decisions. Remember to always play it safe!

When it comes down the crux of it all, a bathroom is a highly functional and one of the most frequently used spaces of a home. Upgrading an existing bathroom not only creates a better space for you to enjoy but also elevates the value of your home. Moreover, the look and feel of a bathroom speak a lot about your lifestyle and personality whether its minimalism or eye-catching out there statement. Whether you wish to maximize space, spruce up the look or equip your bathroom with modern features, a redesigning of your space can emulate your bathroom and transform it into a crisp and clean look—purging those unwanted maintenance headaches with an increased functionality and performance rating.

However, you may feel daunted by the thought of a complete renovation. Are you aware that just upgrading certain key elements can enable you to get the desired results? To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of elements that you can consider when planning your next bathroom renovation project.

Update the fixtures:

Let’s talk décor. If we deconstruct what makes up a bathroom, there are more than meets the eye than just laying your favourite range of tiles. With timeless fixtures you can immensely enhance the appeal of your bathroom. Showers, faucets, wash basins are key elements that complete the look of a bathroom. Old-fashioned and dripping fixtures are unsightly and degrade the entire look of your space. Little details go a long way and make a lot of difference, helping you transform a drab bathroom into a lively space.

Vanity Cabinets:

An essential feature of the bathroom is vanity cabinets that can serve as both functional and decorative pieces. By efficiently planning your storage, you can ensure that everything is within easy reach. The cabinets can be placed to give your bathroom a tidy and streamlined look. You can go for either wall mounted or floor mounted cabinets based on the space available.


The placement of mirrors can entirely transform the appeal of your bathroom. With big mirrors and ambient lighting to complement, you can make your bathroom appear bigger. You can also fit small mirrors along with the vanity cabinets. Mirrors reflect light making the bathroom brighter and must be placed accordingly. If your preference is for a simplistic appeal, you can go for unframed mirrors. However, with framed and artistically designed mirrors you can infuse a luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Add Colour and Style to Your Bathroom with Tiles:

Tiles offer the perfect way to finish the look of your bathroom and add some distinct look to it. By serving as the backdrop of the bathroom, tiles serve as a stunning feature and offer the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetics. Tiles can elevate the entire loom of your bathroom and will be the first thing to be noticed. They can protect walls and make the task of maintaining your space a lot easier.

When it comes to choosing wall and floor tiles for the bathroom an overwhelming array of choices are available. From tiles in glossy and matt finish to those that are textured and natural, the possibilities are wide. Let us explore some of the tile options.

Wall Tiles for the Bathroom:

Add a decorative flair to your bathroom with uniquely crafted wall tiles. With the colours, patterns and textures available, you can add a touch of opulence to your bathroom. There are tiles available for every setting and you are sure to find one that perfectly completes the look. Here are a few options you can explore.

Bevelled Edge:

Bevelled Edge Tiles

Want to give your bathroom a striking touch of contemporary style? With a look that dates back to the 1900s, Bevelled Edge makes a great wall tile for the bathroom. Available in gloss and matt finishes and in an exciting range of colours, there are wonderful options to adorn your bathroom in style.


modello tiles

With mixed designs, this tile can give your bathroom a distinct character. It is available in matt finish and can be used on both the walls and floors.


pavement tiles

If you are looking for a tile that is enduringly stylish, the Pavement range is a great choice. Our range features a cushion edge style, adding to the soft look and feel while making use of a wider grout joint that enables a bolder contrast to a metropolitan-like atmosphere. It is available in gloss, grit and matt finish and in subdued hues.

Floor Tiles for the Bathroom:

While floor tiles definitely need to be much more hardwearing than wall tiles, it does not imply that they have to be boring. With the impressive assortment of options, you have the freedom to experiment with various styles. To make it easy for you, we have picked a few favourites.


Stucco tiles

Available in satin finish, this tile makes a beautiful addition to the bathroom. Inspired by vintage textured concrete surfaces, the tile is offered in 4 different sizes and can be used in combinations to get the look that you always desired.


Hexagon Hickory

This tile is available in matt finish and shades like ash, grigio and whitecap. With its hexagon design pattern, this range can give your space a timeless feel.


Brunswick Tile

Looking for tiles with a natural timber-like look? The Brunswick range is ideal. Highly durable and distinctive, this tile is suitable for wet areas like the bathroom where timber cannot be used. There are amazing colours to choose from and it is available in grit and matt finish. This timber inspired range is aesthetically pleasing and serves as a practical component for both walls and floors making for a rich warmth and durable inviting presence for any space. Brunswick is also ideal for wet areas and offers a perfect solution for spaces where timber is not normally suited.

Whether you wish to combine colours and textures or want to opt for a monochrome look, tiles offer the perfect way to give your bathroom a facelift. If you are eager to add a touch of glamour to your bathroom and looking for tiles, check out the range at Johnson Tiles.

Johnson Tiles brings you a sophisticated and stylish assortment of tiles to transform any bathroom. Available in an array of impressive colours and finishes, out tiles enable you to express your individuality while creating a striking look. Whether you wish to create a timeless look or simply add an interesting feature, the options with us are sure to make heads turn. If you wish to know more about our tiles, feel free to reach out to our team. We’re always happy to offer a second hand to help you visualise your space to life.