Four Tips on How to Create a Feature Wall with Tiles

There is nothing that instantly lifts the look and feel of your home like a feature wall. Creating a feature wall with tiles is the most innovative and inexpensive way to brighten up your living spaces.

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Why a Feature Wall?featured wall

A feature wall is a point of attraction in your room. When you find that one area of the room isn’t looking as good as you’d like it to, a feature wall can do the trick. A feature wall is also a great way of taking away the focus from flaws or imperfections, if any.

What’s more, a feature wall brings about a certain sense of calmness to an otherwise disorderly space. It provides an edge, strength, definition and creates a lasting impact.

Besides providing a fascinating visual appeal, it speaks volumes about the aesthetics and your lifestyle. So if you want to create a style statement, install a feature wall that epitomises beauty and spells elegance.

Build a feature wall of tiles for its varied benefits. Here’s a look at some reasons why a tiled feature wall is a great idea.

Stain Proof

A feature wall built of tiles is stain proof. Maintaining a tile feature wall is simple and easy. Simply clean away all kinds of splashes as soon as they happen. This should help prevent staining. Be sure to clean spills using warm water and a soft cloth.

Moisture Resistant

Tiles are moisture resistant and stay intact even when they come in contact with oils, water and any kind of liquid. If you have young kids at home, you don’t have to worry about spillages or splashed paints ruining your feature wall.

Long Lasting

Tiles are tough material and do not crack or break easily and hence can be used for outdoor as well as indoor applications. They stand the test of time and do not require touch-ups, whether glazed or unglazed.


If you wish your television to be fitted on your feature wall of tiles, go ahead. Our tiles are anti-static and make it an ideal choice if you want to get your electrical appliances fitted. With tiles, you will not face a sudden sensation that you sometimes get as a result of static energy getting released upon touching the surface.


Your feature wall will stay as good as new as when you first installed it. This is because tiles are fade proof and remain as they are. The colours and texture of the tiles are not affected by heat or moisture.

Enhances the Look

A feature wall made of tiles adds radiance and a touch of class to the interiors. Your home is turned into a thing of beauty with the feature wall providing terrific effects. Get set to witness a refreshing change with Johnson Tiles adorning your living spaces.


A feature wall made of tiles is hygienic in the sense that once cleaned, they are spotless and don’t attract microorganisms that cause allergies. They make your interiors appear neat and fresh the whole year round.

Tips To Create a Feature Wall

A feature wall can be incorporated in a residential or commercial space. A feature wall breaks down the monotony and adds character to the space. Here are some tips to help you create a perfect feature wall with tiles.

Choose the Right Spot

A feature wall can be created by choosing a focal point in your room, say an area where the mantel, the fireplace or the television is placed. If in a bedroom, the wall at the head of the bed can be made into a feature wall.

Go For a Bold or a Subtle Look

To make a feature wall of tiles you can choose subtle patterns or bold designs. Graphic designs and geometric patterns provide a modern touch and enhance the look and feel of your interiors. Whatever you decide, see that the feature wall complements the rest of the room and goes with the overall design scheme. You wouldn’t want it to be overpowering or chaotic.

Pick Contrasting Colours

For a feature wall with tiles ensure that the colour contrasts with the rest of the wall spaces. Only then the feature wall is highlighted and the attention is drawn towards it. Whether you choose neutral and warm tones or eye-catching and bright colours, see that it contrasts well and emanates a quiet charm to the surroundings.

Choose Glossy or Matt Tiles

Glossy or mirror tiles are perfect if you want to create an illusion of a large space. The glossy tiled wall is stylish and ideal to be installed in living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Moreover, they are easier to maintain than other wall coverings such as paint or wallpaper. Dirt and grease can be easily cleaned with a simple wipe.

Matt tiles do not create an impression of a spacious feel, but they are ideal in bathrooms since they don’t show up dried water droplets and plus, they are easier to maintain as compared to glossy tiles.

Choose Johnson Tiles

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