How to Create a Beautiful Tiled Wall?

Who says you can get creative only with floor tiles? Designing a tiled wall is just as fun. In fact, many people opt for tiled walls to either highlight a single wall or to create a signature style in their space.

A tiled wall is no longer restricted to homes or offices that are merely designed to please art aficionados or get featured in home and garden magazines. Tiled walls now hold a pride of place in many homes and offices.

Whether it is a hand drawn painting or a logo, doodles or intricate patterns or an entire portrait or just about anything that pleases you, take a step forward to bring home the best art tiles and become the envy of the neighbourhood.

Custom Design Your Own Tiled Wall

Adding style, colour and fun to your walls is the latest trend in home decor. Homeowners are taking styled walls seriously and are not just content with DIY walls. They are hiring professional interior decorators to help them out with wall decor ideas and the tiling process.

From bathroom and shower walls to entryway designs, tiles can add a new zing to just about any wall.

Give a fresh new look to your kitchen with cheery flowers or give your living room the much-needed pizzazz with Roman or Greek art themes. Anything you desire is possible with the latest tile technology.

Here are some tips to create a beautiful tiled wall.

Plan Your Wall

Once you create a tiled wall in your home, you know it is going to last for years. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to research and plan for your unique wall well in advance.

wallGo vintage or retro with your wall decor or create a mosaic that takes you back a few centuries. Combine international flair with picturesque tiles that uplift your living space or bring the ocean right into your bathroom.

What’s more, you can even customise your tiles with Johnson Tiles. Print your own hand painting or photo printed on porcelain tiles to express your own unique style. There’s no limiting your imagination when you want to give your home the best.

You will need to think about which wall you want to decorate, the artwork details, the colour, and more importantly, the type of tiles you want on the wall.

You can find a lot of ideas in home and garden magazines, online, tiled wall design collections and from interior decorators. You can also come up with unique ideas of your own.

Think Lighting and Fixtures

If you wish to add lighting or fixtures to the tiled wall, you need to plan it in advance as well.

You can incorporate picture frames, lighting fixtures, mirrors and any other accessory to give your tiled walls a unique look and feel.

Many homeowners tend to add decor to tiled walls as an afterthought. This can spoil the look or hide the features of a well-made tiled wall.

Prepare Your Wall

Before you install your tiles, ensure that the waterproofing is taken care of. Seek professional help to get the best waterproofing products that will take care of water and mould to keep your walls beautiful and tough.

Look out for any cracks, holes or damages that may cause uneven levelling. Preparing your wall before the tiling is just as important as the tiling process. Do not ignore this step.

Plan the Layout

Not sure about your handyman skills? Get help from tiling experts about the tile layout. Planning the layout can give you a better idea about how your wall will look once it is completed.

Choose the Colour and Tile Designtile design

Technology can help you choose your tile design, plan layouts, calculate the number of tiles and more importantly also helps you understand your cost and time requirements.

Visualise the tile design and styles, mix and match colours and colour schemes or simply play around with art deco themed tiles. It is now possible to see not just how the entire wall will look like when it is completed, but how it will enhance or fit in with the decor of your space.

You can visualise your entire home without having to break down a wall or build anything actually.

Call the Professionals

While DIY enthusiasts may claim aesthetic satisfaction about creating your own art deco walls, it definitely makes sense to seek professional help when it comes to constructing an entire wall that should also gel well with the other features of your home decor.

Professional tiling experts can guide you about the latest tiling techniques, tile designs, sizes and work estimates.

Do Not Hurry

Haste makes waste and this adage applies to tile decor too.  From the basic designing, planning, preparation and tile installation process, you need to give the entire process time and thought.

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At Johnson Tiles, we take pride in delivering only the best tiles conforming to industry standards. All our tiles are designed, created and manufactured in house. From the best materials to the latest tile installation techniques, we are a one-stop solution for all your tiling needs.

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Our growing list of happy customers all over Australia is a testimony to the fact that when it comes to a trusted name in tile decor, it is only Johnson Tiles.

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