Bring a personal touch to any residential or commercial space with Bespoke Tiles. 

We at Johnson Tiles are custom tile manufacturers and in the business of custom made tiles in Australia for several years. Our goal is to help create products that match your dreams and aspirations and create something special for you that will resonate with your home and office.

These tiles are designed based on your need to have customized and custom made tiles that bring out a sense of your liking and your personality in these bespoke tiles.

We help you add your signature logos, photos, patterns or symbols to the tiles of your desired make, resulting in custom made and printed porcelain, ceramic and terracotta tiles. These custom tiles can be created on a variety of different sizes and design options.

When we offer your custom tiles at a competitive price, we also give you a 10 year warranty for all the products sourced from us.

Our goal is to ensure that you get the tiles that your heart yearns for, once you set your mind a type of tile and the design that you are looking for. Our team will do everything they can to meet your requests and expectations. We have been supplying custom tiles for years and are sure to meet make these bespoke tiles exactly the way you want it.

Ours is a business that looks at making a few smiles along the way and we are sure with these bespoke tiles, you will be happy with our custom tiles.

Tile Designer

STEP 1: Upload your Image

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STEP 2: Create your tile

First select your tile size. Then select your design type.

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STEP 3: Get Quote

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The 200×200 and 300×300 sizes come in a Ceramic Tile.
The 600×600 size comes in a Porcelain Tile.
All tiles can be used for floor and wall applications.

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