Bespoke Commercial Floor Tiles for Design Projects

From a wide variety of commercial floor tiles in the market, Johnson Tiles stands out as Australia’s industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of premium tile solutions. In service for over 50 years, Johnson Tiles boasts the finest selection of commercial floor tiles in all sorts of styles and finishes to suit all sorts of project designs.

Bespoke services by Johnson Tiles work in a streamlined process: clients send a high-resolution A4-size photo of their specific design, then they do all the rest. Clients can also book a consultation on design with the experts at Johnson Tiles if they need help in envisioning their floor-tiled space. With impeccable aesthetic values and high attention to detail, Johnson Tiles will bring out the best in bespoke designs, working hands-on with clients until concepts come to fruition.

Johnson Tiles offers bespoke services to give clients full creative control, from the design, finish and production of the commercial floor tiles, for their tiling projects. Saving time and effort, bespoke services prove to be a cost-effective choice, especially for orders of large quantities. Clients can rest assured that bespoke commercial floor tiles by Johnson Tiles deliver heavy duty performance, while capturing the visual appeal built to their tastes.

Johnson Tiles have showrooms and sales outlets in key cities across Australia.

Their head office can be located in Unit 1 along 843 Mountain Highway, Bayswater.

Contact the friendly staff today via their hotline: 1800 JOHNSON