Back to Nature

  • Nature is in this year; and by in, we mean “indoors”
  • Bring the outdoors in with natural textures like wood, cork, stone (link to natural stone/Terrazzo write up)
  • Wooden textures have always been a hit with architects as it is versatile and can be paired with other material/textures/colours to give either a rustic traditional feel or modern/contemporary vibe. It’s able to work in both but not limited to either kinds of settings
  • In the past, lighter hues were in style but the trend is moving away from it and towards darker tones and more grainy textures.
  • People are welcoming a sleeker, urban style which coincidentally goes with darker calmer wooden tones.
  • Pairing dark wooden grained textures with coloured finishing give a space a contrasting colour palette which is aesthetically desirable.
  • Green also pairs great with darker wood and coincidentally, the pantone colour of the year; green, is in trend and at the top of the list for must haves in interior decorating and styling.
  • Wood = Versatile, able to adapt to whatever feel you are going for
  • Unless options with pairing, pairs easily with a lot of textures.
  • Blonde wooden tones are great for achieving a warmer feel for your space but the sophistication of darker wooden tones are currently all the rage.
  • JT tiles: Heartwood Charcoal, Tobacco, Sandal. Hickory Hexagon Grigio

Light: See remainder of Heartwood, Hickory Hexagon series as well as Natural Wood