Avoiding Top 10 Tiling Mistakes for Your New Bathroom Renovation

That time of the year has come. If you’re considering on renovating your before the plague of summer arrives, it’s important to tick off these essentials to ensure that you’re left with a bathroom makeover that stands the test of time.

Bathroom renovations can be fun, in fact, they are the most rewarding projects you can bring to your home. You can go a long way with just a handful of tiles, particularly if you’re using our 600x600mm Cementum range to style your space with a sturdy, cleaner and minimal finish. Renovating your bathroom may sound like an easy task, but like with any other project, there is always the good, bad and the ugly.

With just a basic and planned facelift, you can transform a drab bathroom into a gorgeous space. If you are contemplating a renovation project, always remember that a bathroom is the most sacred space in the house, which is why it’s vital to pick the tile the best suits your atmosphere. The versatility of our tiles makes them an integral component of designing a bathroom, bringing life to bland areas. Moreover, with the wide assortment of tiles, there are endless possibilities to create impactful spaces with a touch of luxury.

Whether you are planning a complete renovation or a small upgrade, designing a bathroom can be a daunting task. There are several tiling mistakes that should avoid for the overall success of a project. In case you are wondering where to start to get the perfect outcome, we’ve got all you need to support your tiling plans and to ensure your remodelling project is a success.

Cost of the Tiles:

When planning a bathroom renovation, it is important to keep in mind that the floor area is usually smaller than the wall area. This means that it is wiser to invest in quality floor tiles and opt for a comparatively cost-effective option for the walls. This is especially true if you are working with a limited budget.

Check for structural damages:

Before you start a tiling project, it is important to ensure that there are no drainage issues on the floor. Fixing these issues will ensure that the surface is prepared and smooth for laying the tiles.

Complement the look of your bathroom:

Planning is the key to success to any project. Before you select tiles for your bathroom, it is important to ensure that the existing elements of your bathroom effortlessly merge with the new tiles. This includes both the colour and style of the other elements in the bathroom. Considering the colour of the painted surfaces and cupboards will help you pick a tile that best elevates the look of your space. You can even create a feature element by adding interesting floor tiles or a unique vanity unit. It is possible to keep the design simple and yet achieve an attractive and elegant look.

Choosing the right lighting:

It is important to have lighting plans for the bathroom that improve functionality and create the perfect ambience. With a dimmer main light, you can set the right mood while with decorative lighting you can create your very own. You can even make a small space appear larger by reflecting light from the mirror. If you are planning a partial renovation, it’s always a wise idea to capture how the new tiles will harmonize with the existing lighting scheme of your bathroom. The placement of the light also impacts the colour and style of the tile. You can always bring sample tiles into your space to test out if the design is flowing with the rest of the bathroom. You may notice that the tiles look lighter or darker than the colour you expected based on the natural and artificial sources of light in your bathroom.

Hiring a tile contractor:

When laying tiles, sometimes we forget how eloquently designed they can be leaving you wondering if you’ve made the right choice. You can always get a few quotes from tiling contractors to make a better informed decision.

The quality of workmanship can make a huge difference and a good tiler will take care of every detail to offer you an outcome that is second to none. From planning the project before starting, cutting the tiles neatly to ensuring that the grout joints are consistent, every step is vital.

The number of tiles required:

After you have chosen the tiles, your tiler will give you an estimate of the number of tiles required for the project. This number is generally higher to cover for the breakages and cuts. Since stock on hand of tiles changes, there is a probability that you may not always get the tiles you want available. Ordering immediately will save you from disappointment later.

The colour of the grout:

The colour of the grout is an crucial aspect to tiling considering that it influences the overall look of your tiles. You can either choose a neutral grout colour or go for one that blends with your tiles and gives an overall greater contrast. After you have decided, make sure to convey your preferences to the tiler, especially if you are choosing different grout colours for a preferred design statement.


Natural stone and unglazed tiles need sealing. Sealing makes the process of cleaning easier and also protects the tiles. However, based on the wear and tear, you may need to re-seal the tiles again after a while.

Cleaning and maintaining the tiles:

The use of certain chemicals can damage the tiles. This makes it essential to be sensible of the cleaning products that can be safely used on the tiles. Acid-based cleaning products are not suitable for concrete tiles. Using the wrong product can cause irreversible damage to the tile and must be avoided.

Enhance the look of your bathroom with accessories:

After your renovation is complete, you can add an exciting new touch to your bathroom with flowers, candles, decorative articles and wall hangings. Accessories also give you the flexibility to easily change the look of your bathroom. With creative ideas, you can experiment with new looks and create the ideal bathroom you’ve always wanted.

With the above tips, you can swiftly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. In case you are looking for tiles for your renovation project, we have the finest in store for you. At Johnson Tiles, we have a fabulous assortment of tiles of unmatched quality. Available in an array of impressive colours and finishes, you can effortlessly enhance the look of your space. If you wish to know more about our tiles, feel free to reach out to our team.