An Insight into Johnson Tiles’ History and Design Process

Tiles have been used for centuries not just as functional elements but also as an art form. From homes, business spaces and places of worship, tiles add an admirable elegance to every space. They are carefully crafted to enable you to express your unique style and add character to your space with their intricate and subtle details. With the inexhaustible range of surfaces, shapes and colours available, the possibilities are simply endless. Both from the functional and aesthetic perspective, tiles have been the preferred choice for centuries.

At Johnson Tiles, we integrate unique and contemporary design elements to offer tiles in a variety of finishes. The charm and naturalness can enrich your ambience with lasting beauty. Our selection of tiles is sure to impress even the most discerning customer.

If your space is drab and requires a facelift, tiles offer the perfect solution. Johnson Tiles are home to a large inventory of tiles to suit different spaces. Whether your preference is for a minimalist look or a luxurious finish, there are tiles that create a strong visual impact and seamlessly merge with any decor style. The versatility and simplicity of our tiles enable you to experiment with a rich array of looks.

The History of Johnson Tiles:

Johnson Tiles Bayswater

Our journey began with H&R Johnson Tiles in England in 1901 by the Johnson family. The beginning of the twentieth century witnessed the expansion of the Narcros Group and saw the emergence of its sister companies in Greece, South Africa and India. Offices were also established in Dubai and USA. The expansion enabled the Narcos Group to build a strong global presence with considerable buying strength.

With further growth, the Narcos Group started its first venture in Australia in 1963 as H&R Johnson Tiles Australia Pty Ltd. Manufacturing plants were set up in Mascot, New South Wales and Coburg, Victoria. These plants were engaged in the production of ceramic tiles and other ceramic products for more than twenty years.

The Beginning of Johnson Tiles:

The year 1984 witnessed the official change of the trading name of the company to Johnson Tiles Australia. It also marked the setting up of a new manufacturing facility in Croydon, Victoria. The Croydon plant served as the primary production unit for all ceramic tile products for Johnson Tiles. Following this, the factories in Mascot and Coburg were shut.

The next phase of expansion was marked by the purchase of two companies in Bayswater, Victoria. They were:

        a. Sovereign Potteries

        b. Johnson Brothers

Johnson Brothers were the main supplier of materials required to produce ceramic tiles. In the early nineties, Johnson Tiles Australia made huge investments to upgrade the new companies with state-of-the-art facilities. Very soon there were manufacturing, product development, testing and sales outlet at the Bayswater plant.

The first retail shop was established in the year 1995 and by 2001, Johnson Tiles emerged as the leading supplier of wall tiles, floor tiles, and decorative products for Bunnings. The year 2014 witnessed the acquiring of Johnson Tiles Australia by Kim Hin Industry Berhad. Over the years, Johnson Tiles has succeeded in taking a big leap and evolved to produce tiles of the highest standards in terms of quality, style and production technique.

With its head office located in Bayswater, Victoria, Johnson Tiles has showrooms across Australia. There are six distribution centres with two located in New Zealand.

The Innovative Design Process at Johnson Tiles:

Johnson Tiles Bespoke we print your custom designs to tilesAt Johnson Tiles, it is our goal to enable you to create impeccable spaces with our collection of tiles. Our passion to accomplish the highest level of excellence with our creative collection has enabled us to innovate the best for you. Driven by the passion to excel, our team at Johnson Tiles is inspired by the latest trends to craft tiles that are at par with the evolving design trends. We make use of cutting-edge design process and manufacturing techniques to create tiles with the finest finish.

Natural and Genuine Raw Materials:

We believe that the first step in manufacturing standard tiles is sourcing high-quality materials. At Johnson Tiles, we make use of raw materials to create tiles that stand the test of time. The raw materials are carefully inspected to ensure that the highest standards of quality are maintained.

Advanced Manufacturing Process:

Each step of the production process makes use of the latest manufacturing techniques with emphasis to every little detail. With our superior craftsmanship, inventive ideas and styles, we create tiles that are truly luxurious. The raw materials are classified based on their characteristics and are crushed to obtain a uniform size. Excess moisture is removed with the spray drying process following which the tiles are crafted by the pressing method. The tiles are gradually dried over several days to ensure that there are no cracks. This is followed by engobe application, glazing and firing. The final process involves sorting in which tiles that do not adhere to the required specifications are discarded.

A Stunning Selection of Tiles to choose from:

Johnson Tiles is home to a spectacular collection of tiles created to elevate the beauty of your space. To enable you to adorn your home in the best possible ways, we give you wide options to choose from. Embracing the latest in design trends, our tiles offer amazing ways to design spaces that are distinct and functional.

If you are embarking on a new project and looking for tiles that are durable and add character to your space, we have the best in store for you. Check out our collection of tiles to discover incomparable beauty and artistry. If you wish to know more, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be happy to assist you.