Playful Patterns: 6 Ways to Dress Your Spaces in Stylish Tile Designs

Embarking on an interior design project and looking for creative ways to infuse glamour into your interiors?

Patterned tiles make an interesting modern feature and offer a great way to add a bit of flair to any space. With patterned tiles, you can add some personality and fun to your interiors while expressing your individual style. Versatile and charming, the possibilities to refresh your decor with patterned tiles is wide. If you are keen on trying something new and wish to spice up your home, patterned tiles are a great choice. To make it easy for you, we bring you some of the best patterned tile trends. You will be delighted with the incredible collection that we have here at Johnson Tiles.

Chevron and Herringbone:

Fall in love with your home again by adding the Chevron and Herringbone style. With its distinct crisscross look, the tiles make the perfect choice for both floors and walls. If you are eager to adorn your space with a sophisticated look without adding too much colour, you can consider this tile. Visually rich yet it does not give an overwhelming look to your interiors. The subtle yet refined look makes it appropriate for busy areas.

We understand that every space has its uniqueness and wish to offer solutions that enhance the distinctness of your interiors. Our range of Chevron and Herringbone can be installed individually and you can choose to go for thin grout lines for a magnificent look.

Timbertech (Chevron):

With a thin and long format, our selection of Timbertech tiles is popular for their diversity and flawless look. Exceptionally sturdy, they require very little maintenance and are available in an impressive choice of natural looking products like concrete, marble and mosaic tiles.

The inspiration for our Timbertech is natural oak and it can be used across spaces for a real statement. Available in both 200×1200 and 300×1200 size formats and in 7 different colour compositions, you add an exciting new touch to your home. From pale Nueve to dark rich Raba, there are amazing options to create stunning spaces.

Bevelled Edge (Herringbone):

Bevelled Edge TilesDo you wish to give your walls a classic look with a subtle touch of contemporary style? The Bevelled edge range is perfect for you. The ideal choice for both the kitchen and the bathroom, this tile has a look that dates back to the 1900s. In fact, you can consider mixing this tile to create a unique look.

Modello (Geometric Pattern):

The Modello selection of tiles is marked by its distinctness and built around alternating patterns and mixed designs. Available in relaxing shades, this cement look tile offers the benefits of porcelain while imparting spaces with an admirable touch of elegance. Perfectly suited for both walls and floors, the tile has a great visual impact.

Stucco (Mosiac):

Stucco TilesInspired by vintage textured concrete surfaces, the Stucco range is crafted to infuse new life to the traditional concrete look. The 3-dimensionality look is imparted to this tile by distinct, soft spatula relief. The satin finish surface along with the graphic effect makes this tile pattern add a gorgeous and stylish feel. Available in 4 different sizes and two finishes, you have the freedom to use Stucco in various combinations to get the look you desire.

Hickory (Hexagon):

Hickory TilesWant to add some rural charm to your interiors? The inspiration for Hickory tile pattern came from aged timber. With its rustic and worn-in look, this tile exudes character. The hexagon form in combination with the aged appearance gives this tile an appeal like none other.

Brunswick (Timber look tiles):

Brunswick TilesThe durability and warmth of timber make it a popular choice for flooring. We at Johnson Tiles have captured this essence of timber in our range of Brunswick tiles. The colour tones reflect a timeless feel and can spruce up the look of any space. While you get the look of timber, you also get to enjoy the benefits of its porcelain body. The high durability of this range makes it suitable even for wet areas where timber is otherwise not suitable. The tile is available in 150×900 and beautifully offers the variation and look of a natural product.

Create Your Dream Space with Patterned Tiles:

Our eclectic collection of patterned tiles is crafted to suit almost every setting and add an element of style to your home. There is something really alluring about the look of patterned tiles and they make a striking feature. They can add oodles of character to your décor.

At Johnson Tiles, we believe that the décor of a home affects our mood in many ways. We wish to offer tile solutions that enable you to create uplifting and beautiful spaces. Whether you are designing a new space or planning to refurbish to look of your kitchen or bathroom, we have tiles to compliment the look of any space. Give it a try and discover the wonderful ways in which our patterned tiles can create a positive impact in your home.

Know More About Our Tiles:

Johnson Tiles is home to a fabulous assortment of tiles of unmatched quality. Available in an array of impressive colours and finishes, you can effortlessly enhance the look of your space. Whether you wish to create a timeless look or simply add an interesting feature, the options with us are sure to make heads turn. If you wish to know more about our tiles, feel free to reach out to our team. We will be happy to assist you.