Environmental Policy and Recycling Porcelan InfoJohnson Tiles UK was established in 1901 and has developed to be a world leader in the manufacture and supply of quality ceramic tiles in the 21st century.
A focus on best practices in the methods of production has enabled Johnson Tiles UK to become a company with a positive environmental and economic standing. Energy reduction and increased productivity have been successfully married to deliver a strong environmental consciousness.
Johnson Tiles UK adhere to extremely stringent quality and environmental control standards. The Environmental Policy is an integral part of their business ethic. Every possible step is taken to reduce the environmental impact of production, logistics and administration processes.

Using the principle of continual improvement, the company is committed to the prevention of pollution and aims to achieve the highest possible environmental standards. It is the aim of Johnson Tiles UK to operate within the constraints of an accredited environmental management system. This system establishes a framework for identifying environmental aspects of materials, processes and products and assessing their impact. Their policy to set and review environmental objectives and targets.

These objectives will include –

  • The efficient use of all materials, supplies, energy and transport. Wherever possible the principles of sustainable development will be adopted.
  • Preventing, reducing or controlling, where practicable, emissions to all environmental media.
  • The minimisation of waste from all parts of the company’s operations. Wherever possible waste materials will be reprocessed or recycled.

Johnson Tiles UK is proud to be active in establishing an environmentally sustainable company.